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025: Salesforce Developer Tools with Nate Totten

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Today, Nate Totten, Product Manager for Developer Tooling at Salesforce, is on the show to share his insight and wisdom on some of the various tools now available to developers. We discuss a few changes that have come to tooling, especially VS Code and the Salesforce CLI, and what we can expect to see on the developer roadmap in the months ahead. We also have a conversation about the developer release cycle, how it works, and how it helps to keep Nate and his team on track, week after week.  


Show Highlights: 

  • How a weekly release works when it comes to communications and new features
  • Updates for VS Code, including new autocomplete
  • Convenience features recently added including improved support for ApexDocs
  • Updates to the tools that help managing your local code with orgs
  • Release of local development as a beta: how it works and how developers can take part
  • The desire to bring more development of the Apex platform locally



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Blog Post on Tooling Updates




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