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026: Org Security with Doug Merrett

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As developers, we need to be aware of what security features are available in Salesforce and how we can keep the organization safe and secure. Today, Doug Merrett, Manager of Security and Compliance Advisors for Salesforce in Australia, joins me to talk about org security. Together we explore the importance of keeping your data safe, how to keep it safe, and why you should be doing your own backups in addition to Salesforce daily exports. 


Show Highlights: 

  • Some of the things you should be considering regarding field-level security, including maintaining a level of confidentiality for users within your company or organization.
  • What to do if somebody has stolen your org credentials and gets in the “front door.”
  • Using IP restrictions and two-factor authentication as layers of org security.
  • How two-factor authentication and the Salesforce authenticator application work.
  • What you should consider when it comes to securing an auth loop within a connected app.
  • Some day-to-day procedures you can do to make sure your data is going to be safe.
  • Event monitoring and how it materially increases the security of your Salesforce org.



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