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027: Gaming for Children's Charities with Fragforce

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Fragforce is the global charity gaming team started at Salesforce that is raising money to support kids facing scary stuff like social mistreatment, medical issues such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, and severe accidents. Today, I share my conversation with the co-founder of Fragforce, Siebren Bakker, and two of its organizers, Paulson McIntyre, and Mike Parker. We discussed how Fragforce began, it’s first fundraising event, and what they are doing within the gaming and Salesforce community today, to help raise funds for children’s charities. 


Show Highlights:

  • How a workplace conversation laid the foundation for what was to become Fragforce.
  • Six months later, they had their first event - you’ll hear what that event was like and some of the challenges they experienced early on.
  • Expectations versus reality: “We were expecting [to raise] $3,000 to $5,000 for the year. So, when we went up to $7,000 at the one event, it was like, well, our expectations are wrong, in a good way.”
  • Fragforce from an organizational point of view: the complexities of gaming for charity.
  • The various kinds of games played, including board gaming, tabletop gaming, and role-playing games. Plus, people can get involved.
  • The growth of Fragforce: their international reach, the average number of gaming hours spent, and the average amount of money raised per year. 
  • Using the platform with their site: running on Heroku, provided by Salesforce, how they view event data, participant data, and more.




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