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028: Lighting Web Components with Kevin Hill

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Today, I have the pleasure of sharing my conversation with Kevin Hill, Senior Director of Product Management for Lightning Web Components at Salesforce. Kevin and I discuss the development of Lightning Web Components as well as some upcoming LWC features. We begin our conversation with a discussion about migrating Aura components over to Lightning Web Components.


Show Highlights:

  • Some of the features and ideas Kevin and his team considered when migrating Aura components to LWC.
  • How Mysore is different from LWC.
  • The core technology of LWC is developed in open source. 
  • Kevin talks about the origin story of LWC recipes and why you want to use them as a catalyst for writing the best components in Salesforce.
  • Lightning Web Components roadmaps are open source in the form of RFCs and are publicly available.
  • LWC upcoming features: CSS-only modules and server-side rendering.
  • Kevin's effort to have office hours with developers.



Kevin on Twitter

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LWC OSS (with create-lwc-app)

LWC Recipes

LWC Sample Apps


Kevin's Calendly




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