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029: Architecture Advice with Svatka Simpson

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Svatka Simpson is VP of Architecture at Appirio. Svatka is a full stack developer turned architect, with experience in JavaScript, HTML, ASP, .Net, and Salesforce. Today, she shares her journey from a brief career in the culinary art to the world of technology and offers some advice about development and architecture as well as discussing the influences and allies she has met along the way.


Show Highlights:

  • Svatka’s introduction to Javascript, Salesforce, and Bulk API.
  • Some ways in which Svatka looks at repeatable processes for data and data migrations, as well as some ways in which she and her team at Appirio, we can bring in the script alongside mapping.
  • Her transition from a developer to an architect.
  • Svatka shares some influencers and amazing women and VPs that are a part of the technology ecosystem. 
  • We discuss data privacy, owning your digital footprint, and why Svatka is so passionate about it. 



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