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030: Commerce Development with Gaurav Kheterpal

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This week on the Salesforce Developer Podcast, we are joined by Gaurav Kheterpal, Chief Technology Officer at MTX. Together we have an in-depth conversation about Commerce Cloud. We also discuss the commerce ecosystem as a whole and the rise of mobile development.  


Show Highlights:

  • The growing importance of mobile when it comes to commerce development.
  • Some distinctions between B2C versus B2B.
  • The Commerce Cloud: what it is, what developers can expect, and a realm versus an org.
  • The MVC model, both old and new, developers experience with Commerce Cloud
  • Einstein AI for Commerce and the Commerce Cloud
  • Integrations and available API’s for Commerce Cloud
  • Considerations around GDPR and privacy laws with Commerce Cloud
  • Gaurav shares some things developers starting their first enterprise commerce cloud project should know. 



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