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031: Developer's Perspective with Adam Olshansky

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This week, Salesforce Engineer for Google, Adam Olshansky, joins us on the show. In this episode, Adam and I take on a wide range of topics, including getting certified and why Adam believes everyone should use Trailhead to get certified. We also discuss the many perspectives admin and developers can have on various tasks and technologies within our industry.  


Show Highlights:

  • Some certification recommendations for developers. 
  • Perspectives on certifications: when taking a certification test, failure is sometimes part of the process, learn, and try again. And, don't go after certification to have it. Go after the certification to determine the content in-depth. 
  • For those hoping to speak at a future conference, Adam offers some tips and advice for speaking or presenting on stage.
  • Adam's share of how using the perspective of one role for a different role's task, for instance, being an admin and looking at code, can prove helpful to developers.



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