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032: Open Source Release Management with Jason Lantz

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Jason Lantz is the Senior Director of Release Engineering for the nonprofit arm at Salesforce.org. Today, Jason and I talk about managing and releasing open source projects for the nonprofit community. We also discuss the Nonprofit Success Pack (or NPSP), open source tools for automation, and hosting open source community sprints.


Show Highlights:

  • How NPSP transitioned from a repository of metadata to a managed package.
  • Some early efforts creating open source tools for automation and building them on the platform.
  • The challenges in finding a cloud storage solution for open source release management.
  • The building and developing side of open source projects.
  • Open Source Sprints, what it has been like taking sprints virtual and one side project that came out amazing
  • An overview of the Open Source Commons



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Get Started with Open Source Commons

Nonprofit Success Pack

The 4 C’s of a Open Source Community Sprint




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