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033: Salesforce Postman Collection with Sébastien Colladon

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Sébastien Colladon is a Technical Architect for Salesforce over in France. In this episode, Sébastien and I discussed one of his recent projects; a series of templates for Postman, a popular tool for working with API’s.  The templates cover a variety of use cases for Salesforce. The project is open-source and available online through Github. We also talked in-depth about what he is doing to make integration and testing more accessible for developers. 


Show Highlights:

  • Sébastien describes the Salesforce Postman Collection.
  • We explore some of the many useful features of Postman.
  • Why a Salesforce developer might use Postman over something like Workbench.
  • There are just under 200 templates in Postman, Sébastien provides some examples, like the REST API, and how they can be used.  
  • The challenges and triumphs of building the Postman Collection. 



Sébastien on Twitter 

Sébastien on LinkedIn 

Sébastien Github 

Blog Post on the Postman Collection

Postman Collection repo



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