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034: Training Veterans on Salesforce with Joe Castro

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Joe Castro is Chief Technology Officer at Appirio and Co-founder of the Merivis Foundation. He is a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect who continues to pursue programming as a hobby and professionally whenever possible. Today, Joe and I discuss his passion for educating others, and his work with Merivis, an organization dedicated to helping military veterans get back in the workplace through Salesforce skills. 


Show Highlights:

  • The story of how Hector Perez Jr. and Joe came together to co-found Mervis Organization, fulfilling the desire to provide veterans an opportunity to transition into great jobs at Salesforce. 
  • Some advantages that military experience brings to somebody trying to learn the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Joe describes the Mervis method and why he thinks it's been so successful.
  • We talk about specific solutions Joe, Hector, and the team are using to help with training and education.  
  • After Hector and Joe realized they couldn't run the Mervis program on email, they decided to run it on Salesforce. Joe shares that story.  
  • How Trailhead changed the strategy of training Veterans on Salesforce. 
  • Some of the strategies Joe uses for training people in architecture.



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