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035: SalesforceDX Tips with Christian Menzinger

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In today’s episode, I talk with Christian Menzinger about his experience with SalesforceDX. He addresses the specific pain points he has been able to address using SalesforceDX, especially the Salesforce CLI. Christian describes a lot of the flexibility and functionality that comes with the tools that can help both admins and developers..

Christian is a freelance Salesforce trainer, developer, and consultant in Germany. He is also a co-leader of the Munich Developer Group and the father of two boys. He has extensive experience with and knowledge of SalesforceDX. I’m confident his tips will be very useful for all of us.


Show Highlights:

  • How to make developing easier with multiple developers all working on different branches.
  • How to maintain a large code base.
  • The benefits of unlocked packages.
  • Why dependencies are so crucial and how to untangle them.
  • The pain points Christian has resolved using SalesforceDX.
  • Time-saving plug-ins and where to get them.
  • Christian’s experience co-leading the Munich Group in this interesting time.



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Christian on Github

Shaun's Awesome Plugin Repo




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