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042: SalesforceDX Architecture Considerations with John Daniel

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John Daniel is a Salesforce architect for the B3 group. Even before working with Salesforce, he had encountered programs that had constant issues and technical debt. He found that Salesforce projects brought unique challenges when it comes to designing at the org level and maintaining properly divided applications that respect a separation of concerns. 

John was also part of the group of developers who brought about the first-ever Salesforce DX implementations. Today, we’re talking about his experiences using Salesforce DX for technical architecture. 


Show Highlights:

  • What happy soup is and why it’s a favorite among the Salesforce community.
  • What vertical slicing the next phase, horizontal slicing, are.
  • John’s styles and suggestions for naming apex classes, Visualforce pages, and lightning web components.
  • How he handles things that are dependent upon each other.
  • How functional aspects play into the declarative side of the veil.
  • What the open-source group is and what it does.



  1. Twitter account: @ImJohnMDaniel
  2. Linkedin account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/imjohnmdaniel/
  3. Github account: https://github.com/ImJohnMDaniel/
  4. Apex Enterprise Patterns: https://github.com/apex-enterprise-patterns




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