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043: Developing on Tableau with Gigi Zanolli

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Gigi Zanolli is a developer advocate and her mission is to enable Tableau’s developers to be successful in their usage of our APIs and developer tools. Before moving to Seattle, she helped customers all around EMEA with their Tableau adoption. Prior to that, she worked in IT management and completed a double masters in information systems and computer science. Originally from Mauritius, Gigi decided to trade sunny days for new adventures in Europe and now the US.

Today, I’m sitting down to talk with Gigi about her early days, what she’s currently working on at Tableau, e-learning opportunities, and what’s coming soon.  


Show Highlights:

  • The mission statement for Tableau.
  • The skills required to get into data development.
  • The APIs Tableau offers.
  • Examples of what people have built using Tableau.
  • The developer environments that Tableau offers.
  • The history of the Lightning Web Component that allows Tableau to be embedded in Salesforce.



  1. Gigi on Twitter: http://twitter.com/illonage
  2. Gigi on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gzanolli/
  3. Gigi on Github: http://github.com/illonage
  4. Tableau Developer Program: http://tabsoft.co/SFDevPodcast
  5. Tableau on Trailhead: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/modules/the-tableau-workflow
  6. Play Super Mario in Tableau: https://infotopics.nl/blog/mario-in-tableau-using-tableau-extensions/




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