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047: The Philosophy of DevOps with Andrew Davis

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In this episode, Andrew Davis and I talk all about DevOps. A Senior Director of Product Marketing at Copado, Andrew helps us go beyond thinking about it as tools or lifecycle management to viewing it as a philosophy. DevOps is really a way of approaching the process of work and thinking about the development lifestyle.  

During his time at Copado, Andrew has had the opportunity to learn a lot of customer stories. 

Tune in to leverage his experience when it comes to tips, tricks and strategies on having a more efficient and positive development experience with the Salesforce Platform.


Show Highlights:

  • Andrew’s definition of DevOps.
  • What the three ways of DevOps are and how they’re important beyond a technical level.
  • The key metrics that prove how effective DevOps is.
  • What Lean is and how it plays into DevOps.
  • How failure works into the continuous flow of this philosophy.
  • How a blameless post-mortem works.
  • A description of some of the Trailhead content centered around Copado.



  1. Andrew on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndrewDavis_io
  2. Andrew on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewdavis-io/
  3. Mastering Salesforce DevOps (book): https://go.copado.com/devops-book
  4. Salesforce DevOps with Copado Badge: https://go.copado.com/badge1
  5. Continuous Innovation with Copado Badge: https://go.copado.com/badge2
  6. Copado Virtual Learning Center: https://go.copado.com/learning-center




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