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071: Salesforce CLI Plugins with Shane McLaughlin

Shane McLaughlin is the Product Manager and Developer for the Salesforce CLI. He started out in product marketing where he was mainly responsible for building demos. These were the kinds of things you would see on a Dreamforce stage or at a Dreamforce booth.


That role directly influenced his current one as he started to use the CLI to help build demos. Today we are discussing how he made his way here. We also talk a lot about plugins, especially the plugins library that Shane created along his journey. Shane has a rich background and depth of knowledge, so listen in.


Show Highlights:

  • How Shane got introduced to Salesforce and ended up working here.
  • His journey from being a Sales Engineer to doing product marketing.
  • Why he started building CLI plugins.
  • The main categories of plugins in his repo.
  • Tools that help the CLI interact with browsers.
  • Plugins that save you from having to do repetitive tasks that take up so much time.
  • Shane’s favorite community plugin that helps migrate data.
  • What Shane’s talk at Cactusforce was about.
  • Why it’s helpful to look around a repo like his before building your own plugin.
  • What the OCLIF format is and what it does.



  1. Shane on Twitter:
  2. Shane on Github:
  3. Shane's plugins:
  4. Awesome plugins:
  5. Shane's Cactusforce session:




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