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072: Data Development and Integrations with Katie Kodes

Katie Kodes is a Data Developer and the author of the Katie Kodes blog. Today, I’m sitting down with her to talk about APIs, integrations, and dealing with data. 


After being introduced to the world of database design at a young age, Katie shifted gears and studied French in college. However, she eventually found her way back to the tech industry. Tune in to learn more from Katie about automation, data modeling, and more.


Show Highlights:


  • How Katie’s fast typing abilities led her to enter the world of technology.
  • Her journey from data entry to Salesforce.
  • Why she got interested in automation.
  • What admins really do.
  • The benefits admins get by using Apex.
  • Similarities between Apex and Flow.
  • Why you should run Flow tests.
  • How Katie does data modeling.
  • A simple description of API.
  • What a schema is and how you create it.
  • Why you should always get lots of people involved in the projects you take on.
  • Why she posts her blogs in English and French.



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Some of Katie's articles:



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