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073: Experience Cloud Applications with Melissa Hansen

Melissa Hansen is the co-founder and principal architect for the HiFi Consulting Group. In this episode, we discuss her experiences working with nonprofits since she started the group. The HiFi Consulting Group also built out an application using Experience Cloud, and we break down the architectural and development decisions made while creating that app. Tune in for great information from Melissa.


Show Highlights:

  • How Melissa got her foot in the door at Salesforce.
  • What the HiFi Group does.
  • Melissa’s journey from admin to developer.
  • How she first started learning programming languages.
  • The users she created her application for.
  • The maintainability benefits of using an app that’s almost purely on the platform.
  • What Melissa considered when it came to the data model of her app.
  • Why she thinks about who’s going to inherit a project as she’s working on it.
  • Tips for making data-bound Apex classes perform.
  • When to use base components vs. custom components.
  • The performance gains you get from using the asynch/await model in JavaScript.
  • What RAD Women is.



  1. Melissa on Twitter: 
  2. Melissa on LinkedIn:
  3. The HiFi Group:
  4. Melissa at Cactusforce 2021: Custom Apps at Scale with LWCs in Experience Cloud - Melissa Hansen — Cactusforce | Trailblazer Community & Conference Salesforce Developers and Architects
  5. RAD Women:
  6. RAD Women on Twitter:





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