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076: Slack and Salesforce Integration with Richard Clark

Richard Clark is the Chief Innovation Officer for Provar Testing. He recently spoke at the 2021 Cactusforce virtual conference and, in his talk, he discussed integrating Slack and Salesforce together. 


Today we continue that conversation on the podcast.  Richard shares why Slack was an attractive solution for their sales teams, the various forms that the integration took, and some of the pros and cons of “low” vs “pro” code solutions for working with Salesforce.  Have a listen and learn how you can build a Slack integration.


Show Highlights:

  • How Richard got into the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Why he chose Slack as the integration point for Salesforce.
  • The problems he was trying to solve with the integration.
  • What the AppExchange plugin does.
  • How webhooks open up more functionality within Slack.
  • What External Services are and how they help with integration.
  • The considerations to take within Flow while integrating Slack and Salesforce.
  • Where Apex is needed in this process.
  • When to use Queueable Apex vs. the Future Method.
  • How users are reacting to this integration.



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