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084: Neurodiversity and User Experience with Kalina Tyrkiel

Kalina Tyrkiel is a user experience writer in Poland. Though she is not a part of our Salesforce community, she does use her background in psychology to write content about neurodiversity and how it impacts user experience design. 


In this episode, we discuss some of the ins and outs all of us must think about when it comes to accessibility. This includes some of the different ways we need to build out our interfaces when considering the neurodivergent. Tune in to learn more.


Show Highlights:


  • What neurodiversity is and how broad neurodivergent symptoms can be.
  • Some accessibility guidelines for typography.
  • Why plain language is one of the biggest allies for neurodiverse user groups.
  • Why metaphors can be confusing for many people.
  • How to create neurodiverse user-friendly buttons.
  • How colors and animation impact a neurodiverse user.
  • Why closed captions are good and autoplay is bad when considering neurodiverse users.
  • Resources to help you improve the accessibility of your pages.







  • W3C notes on creating content for people with cognitive and learning disabilities
  • LexAble – solutions for neurodiverse users

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