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095: Architecture and Development with Nadina D. Lisbon

Nadina D. Lisbon is a Systems Capability and Salesforce Architect over at Tradeshift. Having started back in the Visualforce days, she has had the chance to work with wide range implementations and integrations.


In this episode, I’m talking with Nadina about her long experience working with developers, architects, customers and partners.. She explains what she does in her current role, how she accomplishes projects for her clients, and her business interests. Tune in to hear some great insights on architecture, automation, and coding.


Show Highlights:


  • The experience that made Nadina realize she wanted to be an architect instead of a developer.
  • What she does in her current job.
  • The challenges of working with people from so many different regions.
  • How Nadina ensures that there is functionality that’s reusable across her many client projects.
  • How she decides if automation is necessary when working with clients.
  • What you should always try to automate.
  • Why code needs to be user-centric.
  • Best practices for junior developers writing code.
  • Nadina’s experience joining RAD Women.
  • Leading a user/developer group during COVID.



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