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redux-first-history - Make Redux 100% SINGLE-AND-ONLY source of truth!

salvoravida profile image Salvatore Ravidà ・3 min read

Redux history binding for

Compatible with immer - redux-immer - redux-immutable.

🎉 A smaller, faster, optionated, issue-free alternative to

Main Goal

Use whatever you like. History will just work as it should.

//react-router v4 - v5
this.context.router.history.location === state.router.location
this.context.route.location === state.router.location
this.props.history.location === state.router.location
this.props.location === state.router.location
withRouter.props.location === state.router.location

this.props.location === state.router.location

//wouter - pathname
useLocation()[0] === state.router.location.pathname

You can mix redux, redux-saga, react-router, @reach/router & wouter
without any synchronization issue!

Why? Because there is no synchronization at all! There is only one history: reduxHistory!

  • one way data-flow
  • one unique source of truth
  • no more location issue!

Edit Redux-First Router Demo

Demo : src:

Main features

  • 100% one source of truth (store)
  • No syncronization depending on rendering lifecicle (ConnectedRouter)
  • No React dependency (we want history to be always in store!)
  • 100% one-way data flow (only dispatch actions!)
  • improve React shallowCompare as there is only one "location"
  • support react-router v4 and v5
  • support @reach/router 1.2.1
  • support @wouter 2.x
  • support mix react-router, @reach-router & wouter in the same app!
  • fast migration from existing project, with same LOCATION_CHANGE and push actions (taken from RRR)
  • handle Redux Travelling from devTools (that's a non sense in production, but at the end of the day this decision it's up to you ...)
  • custom opions and blazing fast (ok, every lib should have these features, that's true :D)


Using npm:

$ npm install --save redux-first-history

Or yarn:

$ yarn add redux-first-history



import { createStore, combineReducers, applyMiddleware } from "redux";
import { composeWithDevTools } from "redux-devtools-extension";
import { createReduxHistoryContext, reachify } from "redux-first-history";
import { createWouterHook } from "redux-first-history/wouter";
import createHistory from "history/createBrowserHistory";

const { createReduxHistory, routerMiddleware, routerReducer } = createReduxHistoryContext({ 
  history: createHistory(),
  //others options if needed 

export const store = createStore(
    router: routerReducer
    //... reducers //your reducers!

export const history = createReduxHistory(store);
//if you use @reach/router 
export const reachHistory = reachify(history);
//if you use wouter
export const wouterUseLocation = createWouterHook(history);


import React, { Component } from "react";
import { Provider, connect } from "react-redux";
import { push } from "redux-first-history";
import { Router } from "react-router-dom";
import { store, history } from "./store";

const App = () => (
      <Provider store={store}>
        <Router history={history}>

export default App;
  • just simple Router with no more ConnectedRouter!
  • use push action creator from redux-first-history if you need to dispatch location from saga or connected components.
  • Probably, you already did it with react-router-redux or connected-react-router (in this case you have only to replace the import!)


While working with relatively large projects, it's quite common to use both redux and react-router.

So you may have components that take location from store, others that take location from router context, and others from withRouter HOC. If you are on a big crazy already-messed-up project, you could see also connect(withRouter) or withRouter(connect) ....

This sometimes could generate sync issue, due to the fact that many components are updated at different time.
In addition, React shallowCompare rendering optimization will not work as it should.

With redux-first-history, you can mix components that get history from wherever,
they will always be tunneled to state.router.location !


export const createReduxHistoryContext = ({
  routerReducerKey = 'router', 
  oldLocationChangePayload = false, 
  reduxTravelling = false, 
  selectRouterState = null


Let me know what do you think!


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