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Discussion on: What AWS service are you struggling to learn? What’s painful?

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Saumil Shah

I would like to add that while documentation is not an issue, sometimes what I wish itd come with are recommended values for certain properties and when does it make sense to increase and decrease it and what are the pros and cons of that.

One example being ReservedCpncurency setting on LAMBDA or VisibilityTimeout value on SQS.

Documentation would tell you that it takes an integer or a String and what it does. However, when you are developing a production level app, end user has no idea what he/she should set those values to.

I only found out about it after running into some article only. For instance, how they recommend that VisibilityTimeout setting for SQS should be set to 5 times the value of a LAMBDA function timeout value.

Itd be good to have a central repository somewhere where one can find this sort of best practices.