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How To Unblock Website From Facebook In 2020

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Facebook is one of the best sources to promote new blog posts. But Facebook now blocks websites for spamming or some other reasons. So in this blog post, I will share with you,
Why Facebook is important?
We shall get no-follow backlinks from Facebook but Facebook posts are very important

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how to unblock website from Facebook

How to unblock website from facebook

1) Google checks the number of Facebook shares before ranking the URL in the top 10

2) Some users do not know the proper SEO. So they have to depend on Facebook traffic to earning from AdSense or affiliate marketing.

3) To get more visits and earn more, users share the website on Facebook.

4) To get the first visits to the new posts, users share their new blog posts on Facebook So that Facebook is very important. But we can not share our posts if facebook blocks our website URL.

Why Facebook block URL?

1) If anyone shares their posts more than 5 in a day with a single account, their URL will be blocked by Facebook. Because Facebook does not want any spamming on their website or app.

2) If you are using any auto-posting website to share your new posts automatically on Facebook, Facebook would definitely block your URL. I can tell this because I have done the same mistake two times and my friend uses it Ifttt and his website blocked by Ifttt.

3) Do not share any spam content. If you share this, Facebook block you. Like you have made a post on how to get Adsense approval
And you share the with how to make money online tittle.

4) Your URL can be blocked by Facebook if any person reports on your URL.

How to Safe Website From Facebook Block

1) Try to avoid auto-posting and share your post legally.

2) Share real content on Facebook
3) Do not share more than 5 posts in a day with a single account

4) Try to share the link by shorting from bit.ly or another platform.

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