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Discussion on: How I Built a Markdown Editor Earning $1300/mo Profit — Inkdrop

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Sam Cross

I ignored all criticisms and focused on satisfying users who seem to be enjoying it.

I heavily disagree with this. If it worked for you, fantastic; however, some of the criticism you may receive is valid and should be addressed. For instance, data storage and trust - your users need to know their data will be safe, and you need to discuss with those offering this criticism about how you're planning to keep their data secure. Why? Others may see these interactions and instead of thinking "he's just another dev who doesn't care about people's data", they'll think "wow, this app is great AND keeps my information safe", which in turn generates more users and more customer trust (a very important thing). If companies started ignoring criticisms, their products would begin to fall drastically in popularity.

Again, if it works for you then great. "Ignorance is bliss" and all that. But I don't think this is good advice. I, for one, would be concerned about the privacy and data security (or data longevity) of your application, seeing as you've totally ignored the public-facing comments regarding this, but this might not turn someone else away so take what you will.

I didn't intend to sound mean throughout this - I think it's fantastic that you've built this and you've done a great job with it!

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Takuya Matsuyama Author

Well, questioning about security is not a criticism as it is regarding privacy concern.
About Inkdrop, it is answered on the documentation here and the forum.

What I mean criticisms is the comments something like "Is it subscription? Big no, Goodbye."
It's time wasting to convince all people who are also not willing to change their mind.
Some people complain because they just want to complain to someone about something.
You don't have to please everyone.