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Sameer Katija

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What is Node Why you should use it.

Node Js is an Open-Source, cross Platform and JavaScript runtime environment which is built on Chrome’s V8 engine for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. Mostly we use Node Js for building backend services and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Node js is used to create Highly Scalable, Data-Intensive, and real-time applications.

There are quite other frameworks for building back-end Services, like Asp.Net, Django, Flask, Rails, PHP, and so on. So why Node? Well, Node is easy to get started and is used for prototyping and agile development. It is also used to create super fast and highly scalable Applications. Many large companies like use Node Js in their productions.

The fact that Node is Open Source is what makes it great and most of the programmers or companies can modify and adjust it according to their liking and usage. Second, it’s cross-platform which means it is available to almost every programmer no matter what their operating system is.

Advantages of Node JS

Node JS is very famous among developers and is acquainted with many great companies. So what makes Node Js so special? There are some benefits that come along with Node Js. So let’s discuss them.

Node Js is Fast

Node js is a lightweight framework and the main reason that NodeJS is fast is because of its non-blocking I/O model. It utilizes a single asynchronous thread to handle all requests. Which as a result makes Node Js fast and responsive.

Node Js is Scalable

Node Js is scalable because it can handle several concurrent connections and another feature of it is load balancing. Node JS can handle multiple jobs which out any burden and this makes it scalable.

JavaScript EveryWhere

Node js behind the scene uses JavaScript which makes it great for the developers out there. Nobody prefers to learn two different languages for backend and frontend. We can use javascript for frontend as well as backend development. This makes it easy to learn and use.

Community Support

One of the main reasons behind every language, framework, or library’s popularity is Community. Node Js has great community support and almost we can find any help and support we want in Node Js. There is code available for almost most of the cases, which makes Node JS preferable to use. With less amount of code, we can create highly scalable and efficient applications.

Which Companies use Node Js

As I alluded Node Js is a preferable choice in the industry. That’s why almost most of the programmers use Node Js in their production Apps. Some of the companies that use Node Js are Uber, Netflix, Udemy, Trello, and a lot of other companies that use node Js. By the way, you can check Stack Share’s List to see which other companies use Node JS in their Stack.


There are quite other frameworks available and they may be best, but I prefer Node Js and if you have any framework of your preferred choice, you should go with that. But, If you have started learning to code and looking for a framework then Node may be a great choice for you. As most of the companies have made a shift to Node Js.

Once again I am not against any other framework. Everyone has their own preferred choice and I respect that. With all that Thanks for reading and I wish you good luck with your programming career. Cheers!

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