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It's really hard to believe, to be honest :)

I saw you also work in Unity so I assume: games.

How all of this matches in creating games? how do you say "No" to your colleagues when they need help? or how do you ask for help?

I wish I can do snowboard all the time xD


Hey Sam, I actually don't make games all of the time. I wish I did but it has been more of a hobby than a full-time career.

A big part of working on gaining more freedom and flexibility, for me, is giving myself the much-needed runway to transition into the games industry.

If I ever happen to hit the lotto and find myself in a job that I'm 100% passionate about, I don't think I would ever say "no" to my colleagues. But unfortunately, the world just doesn't work that way.

Nobody is owed anything. Just because you are smart, interesting, and willing to put in the hours, doesn't mean you'll magically be put into a career you love. You have to earn the freedom to pursue that career first.

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