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Discussion on: Is entering eternal September?

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Sandor Dargo • Edited

Subscribing to tags is great. The problem starts when I see multiple articles below #programming telling me that I should drink warm water with lemon juice or eat avocado and nuts. It's nuts. Those might be useful info, but not under that tag... Should I look up them and report those or is it just me?

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

I'm afraid that #programming and #coding are two of those "junk drawer" uncurated tags. The tag rules haven't been defined, and no one goes through and cleans things up. You might subscribe to tags that have tag rules and moderators. (See the tag pages to learn more.)

Or, if you want to help fix that, email and volunteer to be a tag moderator for #programming, or any other tag(s) you want to help with.