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re: This post made me really felt better. Thanks! But I have some questions still. I'm self-taught programmer. I've been working as a full-stack devel...

Have you ever tried to teach a kid about anything?

I have the same feeling just like you, I remember there was one day I had to "teach" a room full of developers about Array in JavaScript.

I could say I understand clearly how array works at that moment. But it took me more than a week to prepare the presentation, and 3 days to practice on how to do the speech. Yet, it was horrible. I missed this, missed that. Someone asked some questions, and I stuck. They did not try to embarras me, we had great discussion later, but honestly, that was the day I've learned deeply about Array in Javascript.


Thanks for response. I like the idea. It may help me because I need to learn every detail to teach it someone. I'm gonna share the idea with my friends and gonna offer make this weekly or biweekly. Everyone can pick a topic and prepare a presentation and teach it to the others :)


This is a great point and drive for another article, I'm writing that covers the Feynman Technique which is exactly what you've mentioned above

Good on you for trying to teach people!

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