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Please don't hit me. You heard right. English. For native English speakers, this is obviously nothing, but for the rest of the world, please learn English before doing anything. Programming languages come and die, technologies come and die. Ideas rise and set. With English, you can learn anything you want.


I would agree with that. On the other side, it is kind of sad that you need to pass this barrier before you can get to the programming-thing


I was lucky that I have had chance to self taught English and programming to change my life, and I know there are millions of people in my country can't have that luck just because of the language barrier, that's why I'm trying to build a platform to help them.

It's hard and take time, but I'm happy with it.


It's my interest in computers in the mid-80s that "forced" me to learn to read English (before that, I often didn't understand most of what I was reading). All the good programming magazines (what's that?) and books were in English.

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