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Discussion on: Censorship on DEV Community 😶🤐

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Sandra Spanik • Edited

The fact that many people came here, independently, interested in this topic after having recently felt censored, is a natural result of many people having recently felt censored.

You continue to make us feel like we did something wrong by simply talking about a subject we have interest in, without any disrespect, without names, without links, indeed even without any recognition that a lot of us had been involved in the original post as well - for example, I never saw Patrick’s comments until now. They had, after all, been removed.

And you, a supposedly neutral moderator, are here because the author LINKED to this post on her public Twitter with 30k followers, actively pointing towards our cognitive dissonance. You’re making us feel like we were wrong to discuss something because it could have easily been linked to the initial post.

Doesn’t this strike you as problematic, even hypocritical?

If you think this thread is insensitive because it is public and could have too easily been traced back to some other thread, why do you think it’s okay for someone with a huge public platform to literally DIRECT people here?

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Kim Arnett 

Again, this is a public post on a public article. Never did I say this thread is insensitive. Never did I say this was wrong to discuss, in fact I believe I thanked you for being a constructive contributor to the conversation.

If you or others feel anything in this thread/article or any other has been unfairly moderated, you're welcome to reach out to

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Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Cher • Edited

This is the last thing I’m going to say here.

the author LINKED to this post on her public Twitter with 30k followers
someone with a huge public platform to literally DIRECT people here

I did not direct anyone here other than a moderator. I showed you how it works, and that an audience of 20 people saw the link, and only that moderator has chimed in, reflecting that intention in its impact.

Everyone who saw this on their own that had context knew you were talking about me, which is why I was linked it in the first place.

Claiming that I have branded folks villains, censored people for opposing viewpoints, and the lack of general consideration for me as a human being led me to feel compelled to defend myself.

without any disrespect

You continue to push that all the commentary here has been respectful, and I don’t agree. It felt, as the subject, I was being dehumanized by being robbed of my perspective while folks publicly “vented” about how I moderated my own space, for my own mental health.

I am kindly asking you to stop saying I’ve done things that I have not done.

And a final note, context is key. And more often, ditching the context is powerful. It's easy to share one side of a story and not allow anyone else's to be surfaced. I hope that's what we are ultimately talking about here (in this article). Please take time to reflect on how we feel when our content is hidden, but also when we strategically hide others' to tell an untrue story.

[...she is now telling] me that I’m not entitled to a dialog with her. 😳


You aren't entitled to a dialogue with me, nor am I to entitled to one with you.

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Kim Arnett 

Not my website, not my decision! I'm a volunteer mod, as with many others that have already been responding in here!

There's an existing bug linked below. I will add a comment that notifications should be included as well.

Also I'll respond with I was watching that thread as well, just to ensure things stay civil. I feel both sides are expressing how the interaction made them feel. If you feel otherwise, or feel my judgement is not neutral, you're welcome to message to get further help.

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Patrick Nelson

Sorry about that! I'm relatively new to the site; thanks for the clarification. 😊