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I have been working as a developer now for almost 7 years. As a female (and a lot of the time the only female on my team) I have been very lucky to not really experience any sexism or boys club culture. However I have always felt an internal pressure to always be better and "keep up" because it can still be intimadating. Regarding salary I have always pushed myself to negotiate because I am so aware that women typically don't.


My experience is similar to yours. I think the internal pressure sometimes relates to the boys' club thing too.

"The only thing I feel a bit left out is not being in the boys club. You know, all those guys talks, which is fine, as I don't feel interested in such topics."

The author doesn't seem to recognise this as an issue, but it can be. If all the men are mates and you're not part of that because you're a woman, it can mean you're less likely to be chosen for valuable opportunities and promotions - unless you're so obviously better than them that they basically can't not choose you.


That's an interesting take. I don't think it's the same for me though. I am lucky to get on really well with the people I work with and we have a lot in common. I think the internal pressure is just the automatic feeling of being a woman in a place dominated by men and feeling like you have to prove yourself all the time. And feel like you always have to be on top of your game. Like if a guy doesn't know something he just doesn't know it but if a girl doesn't it's because she doesn't know anything. And I'm not saying this is the culture I work, it's actually very supportive. I think it's just a more internalized insecurity which adds the pressure. Apologies if none of that makes sense 🙈

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