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Discussion on: I feel worthless when I'm unproductive

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Sarah 🦄

Hi! First off I want to say great post, and very brave of you to be so open and honest about how you're feeling right now. I can only speak for myself but for me what you are describing is completely normal. It's like a constant battle between being "productive" and not burning out. The important thing is to consistently try to find balance. Also, value yourself and know that you add value just by existing, you do not always need to be productive or producing an output. (This is something I am still learning myself.) Try to set some boundaries, set core work hours and then shut down the computer. Take frequent breaks to walk around or stretch. Get enough sleep. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with all the things you "should" be doing try some mindfulness (I know it's cheesy but it actually works). Then just pick something and spend some time on it. Try to pick up a non related hobby like an instrument or drawing or something, just another outlet for your energy but where you can still feel like you're making progress on your own terms. "I have tied a very big portion of my identity to working hard and achieving things." - I really related to this, it's something I've only just started to try and unlearn. I am more than my work, I add value regardless and so do you!

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Maniflames Author

Thanks! You are right, this is really a mindset I'll have to unlearn. I hope you find a way to balance out these feelings as well!