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Discussion on: Codebase is too large. Any tips on how you quickly understood existing codebase on your first job?

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sarjunan • Edited

Congrats, Here are my suggestions.

  • Understand the whole flow of application and just play around.
  • Try to debug code as much as possible and make a note of important areas.
  • Take a look at version control history. Most of the developers would have mentioned what the check-in is all about.
  • Don't be shy to ask questions to developers.

Take a look at below tutorials

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Ibrahim Alausa Author

Thanks so much, @sarjunan...I really appreciate your advice. I'll check out the tutorials

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I'd add: read the tests, they document how the various parts of the code work. If you're unsure how a method or a part of the code base works, try to read its test.

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