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Jakub Sarnowski • Edited on

Hey! Thanks for sharing with your stack. It sounds very interesting! I have few questions:

  1. You're planning to replace Rancher with k8s - is this doable on middle-end VPS-es? Like... do I need a large server to install some docker management software to it, or can it be done on lower-cost servers (i.e. a 1-2GB RAM one)?
  2. Are you using any web framework for Go services?
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Stefan Wuthrich Author

Thanks for your questions Jakub

For Rancher 2, which is a k8s "management software" they talk about minimal requirements of 4GB, for a single Node setup. I would say 1-2 GB is probably not enough. But must say, that I'm not a k8s expert, I did some "experiments" and in a company, I work we use it, but there on totally another scale

Go frameworks. You know, this question alone is very polemic :-) but I'm in peace with this..

So.. I use for routing, no framework for API backend, I implemented own auth/authz (which makes NOT much sense, but it was good learning), multi-tenant layer etc.
For the Web-Server, which "hosts" the Vue Frontend I use Iris, but would not really need it, as I don't have to handle anything special.

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James Swineson

Rancher 2 requires around 4G RAM for a single server install (for HA setup you need at least 3*4GiB RAM servers, and it is not very possible to move from a single server to HA). It would run in a 2GiB server but once you try to config anything, some part of it would just break.

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Jakub Sarnowski

Thank you for this reply! 😃