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re: I just build everything into docker images, then setup docker-compose yaml file for your stack and just upload or git clone the yaml file on the se...

Hey Jordan! Thanks for your reply!

I'm aware of docker and it's a really easy and cool solution for deployment. Unfortunately, I often work on shared servers that do not offer virtualization (docker is not supported) and I need to handle it somehow different.

But for docker-compatible servers - I think it's one of the best solutions out there.

Btw. do you use Kubernetes in your private projects or is it just too much for the task that's need to be done?


Shared server? You mean CPanel? As long as you have root access to the server and the server is using Linux, suppose you are able to setup docker.

I didn't use Kubernetes for my private projects. Because I am still not confident enough on my Kubernetes knowledge. But I ever use Docker Swarm which is simpler and lesser features version of Kubernetes. Honestly it is steep learning curve to learn Kubernetes. 😅 Therefore, if you are interested and feel difficult on learning Kubernetes, u may start from docker swarm first.

Yeah, something like a CPanel. Even if you have root access there, those hosts are often based on a virtualization technology which does not support Docker.

Thanks for suggestions!

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