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re: Can an Open Source Mindset Hinder Productivity? VIEW POST


I personally think that working on Open Source is more about learning than being productive.

When making a technical decision do find yourself thinking "Is this the right way to do that" or, "What will people say"?

The only right way, if you are working alone, is what you know. Also, when people read your code and find a better way to do it. They will just correct your code and send a pull request, and that's learning too. This happened to me. When I released Dev10. I have to release the app the in 5 days, so could not think about the structure of the code. But when I released it someone refactor it for and now it looks much better than before. Also, I learned a better way to use ESLint. 😀

Even worse did you ever give up on an idea only because it just seemed wrong? Too weird to work?

If you can learn from making that and practice your skills. Let be weird. Sometimes even weird things take off on GitHub. Check this out.

Would you be more productive if you just did whatever you felt like doing and focused on the product instead?

This will explain all

The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.

Don't think too much buddy. Just dive in. 😊

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