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Pretty dope that tool! Well done.

Btw: I've noticed you use github workflow's CD features to attach the build artifacts on the release automatically. That it self is probably a nice post worthy. However, I wonder (and i'm using travis ci for my tool), about your workflow.
Do you have a final PR for a release where increment the Cargo.toml version number and after that PR got merged you tag? Or do you tag before the PR gets merged?

Next quesiton would then be cargo publish as part of CD or better not?

I found little good practises around that.


Hey thanks!

Currently the CD kicks in once a tag is set, before that I publish manually and update the version in cargo.toml - i still want to extend the CD pipeline to handle all of that once a tag is set.

regarding GitHub Actions I have written about that a while ago: blog.extrawurst.org/general/2020/0...


Man, that is Gold! Even with Homebrew prep. Very cool.
Thanks a lot, I’ll gut it tomorrow a shot with Travis CI and see how far I come, also regarding cargo publish on tag.

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