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Microsoft's Cascadia Code is Now having Beautiful Itlics

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Hey just want to let know about the new release of the Microsoft's Cascadia Code.

So, it was released almost an year with windows terminal.

I tried it, but ditched it like most of you because it was not having italics.

But recently it made two big releases. The first one made lot of improvements and more awesome second release added italics to it. And not just any italics but beautiful italics.

Note: Microsoft's Cascadia Code comes in two variants Cascadia Mono and Cascadia Code and Cascadia Code comes with font ligatures and the other one does not.

So you can download with from it's github releases page. Yes, it free and open source if you don't know that.


So here are lot images for comparing it with other popular free fonts in the space of coding fonts.

The theme for comparison the Monokai Pro theme for vscode.

Cascadia Code

Cascadia Code

Fira Code

Fira Code

JetBrains Mono

JetBrains Mono

What are your thoughts on the new Cascadai Code italics.

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