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Discussion on: How to give effective feedback

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I really like all your points. So don't mind if I pick your brains a bit more.

Your first point is to avoid negative for learning. I will be the first one to agree that an excessive focus on negative feedback isn't good. But do we need to avoid it altogether or is there a place for negatove feedback in the context of learning? If not, how do we help people become aware of shortcomings or things they did wrong when they don't know?

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Naz Delam Author • Edited on

The first point is driven by a Harvard Business Review study on feedback in this year's March revision. I recommend reading this article( ) which has an explanation of the research and why negative feedback does hinder learning.

I think, it totally depends on the goal you have, as a feedback giver. As an example, if you see your friend not going to the gym 4 times a week, telling him/her "Not going to the gym will make you unhealthy and sick" not going to actually make him/her try the gym. Instead, you may want to try to see what your friend's strong points are, which can lead him/her to a healthier lifestyle. If she/he likes biking as an example, you can encourage her/him to bike around the bay in the mornings. In this way you can achieve the same goal in a different way.

The point here is, not everyone can learn everything, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Focusing to push someone on the weakness is not as effective as making that person excel and shine on his/her strengths,

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I love the fitness advice comparison here. As someone who has struggled throughout my life to make better choices in my diet and exercise, I am painfully aware of how much this negative feedback hinders my efforts to improve -- but I never connected it to other areas of improvement.