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Discussion on: Fetch Exercise (Github users)

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The problem is that you're always selecting the same cells to update the innerHTML. There is only one cell in your table with the class username__cell and so on. What you need to do in step 2 is dynamically generate something to identify the cells that you create. A unique ID would work. You could try something like this:

for (var c = 0; c < 3; c++) {

    var cell = row.insertCell(c); = `${responseJson.login}_${c}`

  //How to populate one line
  document.querySelector(`#${responseJson.login}_0`).innerHTML = responseJson.login;
  document.querySelector(`#${responseJson.login}_1`).innerHTML = responseJson.avatar_url;
  document.querySelector(`#${responseJson.login}_2`).innerHTML =;

  var avatar = document.createElement('img');
  var src = document.querySelector(`#${responseJson.login}_1`);
  avatar.src = responseJson.avatar_url;
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Manuel Alonge Author

It works. Now I should only refactor it in order to do it dinamically (i.e. if I had more than only two users). Thanks @savagepixie .

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You're welcome^ I'm glad I could help