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Arijit Basu • Edited

No other tool satisfied my specific requirements. So I created my own.

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A productive mind has an empty stack

A productive mind has an empty stack


The philosophy

mind follows the following philosophy

A productive mind has an empty stack.


Sometimes we have too much on our mind but neither the traditional check boxes, nor the kanban board works for us. This is because our mind executes the tasks in LIFO approach like a stack.

The longer we hold a task in the stack of our mind, the more productivity it will lose. Also, trying multitasking with this stack can cause unpredictable results.

We need to execute them as early as possible. But one by one.

mind makes it easy to work with the stack of our own mind. It uses this simple formula to measure the current productivity level of our mind and uses the appropriate colors to represent the it.

p = O - b

Where p is productivity, O is the optimal (desired) productivity…

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