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Discussion on: Concurrency vs. Parallel vs. Async in .NET

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Thanks for amazing explanation, the comments are even better.
Developer always tends to make confusion between multi threading and parralel task execution. Lets say, you have two articles to write.
In multi threading fashion,
You will complete half of para-1, then switch to para-2 and do half of para-2 and bla bla..
But in parralel fashion,
You will use your both hand two write both paragraphs at the same time. So these two paragraphs should not be related/depends on each other.
And, I am not sure, probably if you wanted to write a paragraph as para-1, and paragraph summery as para-2 then you have to ensure para-1 finishes first so that based on this you can do the next task. This should be async fashion, isn't it?