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.NET Core + RabbitMQ = 🎉


When developing microservices, the question arises about providing information from one service to other services as events happen. It is essential to have a system without coupling the senders to the receivers. in this case, the Publisher-Subscriber pattern is used.

There are many messaging products and services on the market that support a publish-subscribe model such as Azure Service Bus, RabbitMQ or Apache Kafka. It is strongly recommended to use existing techs rather than building your own.

Below, we are going to see how easy set up event-based communication by using RabbitMQ.


1. Install the following NuGet package:

Install-Package EventBus.RabbitMQ.Standard
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2. Add configuration to appsettings.json.

Note: I find pretty easy to use CloudAMQP. Alternatively, you can run a Docker container for RabbiMQ on a local machine.

3. In publisher and subscriber apps, create a new class called ItemCreatedIntegrationEvent.

4. In the subscriber app, create a new class called ItemCreatedIntegrationEventHandler.

5. In the publisher app, modify the method ConfigureServices in Startup.cs.

6. In the subscriber app, create an extension called EventBusExtension.

7. In the subscriber app, modify ConfigureServices and Configure methods in Startup.cs.

8. Publish the ItemCreatedIntegrationEvent event in the publisher app by using the following code, for example in a controller.


GitHub logo sayganov / EventBus.RabbitMQ.Standard

A library for event-based communication by using RabbitMQ.

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