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Push a NuGet package with SemVer to by using GitHub Actions

Georgy Sayganov
・1 min read


As an example, please see the repositry:

GitHub logo sayganov / EventBus.RabbitMQ.Standard

A library for event-based communication by using RabbitMQ.


1. Firstly, create a new NuGet package on To do that, you need to upload the first version of your library manually.
2. Go to and create an API key for the NuGet package.
3. Go to the Secrets section in your repository settings and create a secret called NUGET_API_KEY with the value of the API key.
4. Add the following GitVersion.yml file to the root of the repository.

NOTE: You can adjust tag and mode depends on your needs.

5. Add the following build.yml file to the repository. It must be placed in {repo-name}/.github/workflows/.

NOTE: Do not forget to change YOUR_PROJECT_NAME to the actual name of your project.

NOTE: You can adjust different parameters depends on your needs, for example, paths.

6. Now, when you push a new version of your library to the repository it is going to be built, packed, and pushed to with a proper version, for example, 1.0.5.


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