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Santhosh Balasa

Passionate Senior Full Stack Developer around 10+ yrs of IT experience.

Location Bangalore, India Joined Joined on  github website


Masters from University of Limerick


SDE - 3 at Innovaccer

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Introduce myself

Watch this video its fucking amazing xD

Introduce myself

Yeah anyway what I want to inform you is if you use Adobe XD ...

Introduce myself

I know but your first line says you’re a visual designer and ...

Introduce myself

So, which design software do u use ? Adobe XD or Webflow etc ...

Introduce myself

Ah ok ok, I thought u find js too difficult so, yeah ur right...

Introduce myself

welcome :)

Introduce myself

I'd suggest u start learning jQuery, its very easy

Introduce myself

journey* as a developer*

How to Serve a React Single-Page App with Django

Thanks but it fails: 14:08 ~/rapyd (main)$ npm run dev &g...

Pandas Tutorials - Python for Data Science

Good one mate !

Interactive Algorithm Problem Solving

Please comment if there are any more sources, I'll update the...

Why Do We Need New Programming Languages?

Hmmm never thought about it, a new perspective, good one Chee...

Beautify Your GitHub Profile like a Pro

Good one cheers

Beautify Your GitHub Profile like a Pro

Wow thanks mate this is pretty handy ha

Any ideas

Welcome & Good luck !

Restrict input in textarea

Add these within the html textarea tags rows="15" cols="130"

#discuss Which is the best online LIVE course out there for learning DATA STRUCTURES & ALGORITHMS?

DS: Algo: hackerearth.c...

Any ideas

Digital Signature Service

Journey to being full stack?

Backend Dev: 1. Learn more about the Operating System Eg:...