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This is not as simple as it seems at first sight: both - rest and soap are ways to abstract apis. But(!) while rest follows a common schema, soap has no restrictions at all. In rest you take resources and offer always the same services for it. Let's say you have a user, then you offer

  • get NEW user data
  • CREATE a new user in the backend
  • UPDATE an existing user
  • SHOW an existing user
  • get all users at once from the INDEX
  • DELETE an existing user

The names of the methods are a convention and every rest api is build around this scheme.

A soap service has none of this conventions, so you could (and will) find all kind of functions and function-arguments. And this functions are not necessarily arranged around a single resource.

What I want to say is that it is not a question of mapping function names and arguments from xml to json - it is much, much more and even for small services very complicated and almost unmaintainable. If you decide for one of this approaches, stick with it.

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