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Any idea what the jobs are like on the security landscape? I want to be a penetration tester, one year left of school and interning as a security test engineer (lots of py programming for the most part) right now, and would love to move to Japan. I've been studying Japanese for 6 months now and have progressed pretty well. Started out with Matt vs Japan's lazy kanji deck to go along with rtk (at about 1175 kanji now in Anki deck), been using the Tango books (anki deck sentence cards 15 new words per day) to introduce new vocab, and I am reading(manga for now) roughly 2 hours per day, watching tv/anime 2 hours per day (with J subs),playing JRPGs, etc. in order to improve my Japanese. I think that sticking with this and gaining a few years of experience in the US would help my case when looking for a job in Japan, but that begs the question, what is the job market for security professionals like? In the US, it is huge right now. I'd assume Japan would be the same but I can't say for certain. When people talk about tech in Japan, they seem to rarely speak about security/networking/sys ad positions.


I have absolutely no idea what it's like for security because I have never worked in that field. Googling it in Japanese might give you some ideas though. :)

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