re: I have some bad habits that date back to my days making Geocities websites before CSS was much of a thing VIEW POST


SAME (Geocities was amazing for the time)! bold vs strong, i vs em... I still remember when CSS came out and thinking it was AMAZING... and now I overuse divs and struggle to remember that semantic HTML is a lot more than just arias (article, aside, details... I had to look those up just to remember they are a thing). Fight the old-school fight daily!

I value less experienced engineers because of this. I might have seen 15 different ways that what you're building is going to become spaghetti 6 months from now, but I'll also see a tag, or a function form or something that I just didn't know existed in that code review too. It helps your whole team to be better when you have that mix of experience. I'll help with the structure (and it's important to explain so teammates aren't forced to learn by experience) but they will help with the syntax (and it's important to get the reasoning for using it so I can keep growing as a dev too).

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