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Discussion on: Any Smart Home enthusiast in here?

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Ross Henderson

I'm going fairly simple at the start. Hopefully, I will expand later! I have just bought a house (literally a week ago) and so far I've introduced:

  • Phillips Hue White Bulbs
  • Tado (awaiting purchase of it, but I'm going to get it) smart heating
  • Google Home
  • 2x Google Home Minis.
  • Raspberry Pi MagicMirror (awaiting construction).

I may expand to include smart locks/doorbells, thermostatic controlled radiators (by Tado), etc.

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{Gene} Author

Cool stuff,

beside voice control, what are you using as a control panel?
Do you like the idea of a customizable dashboard where to control every thing from one place?
Something like the new Google Home Hub, just web based and accessible from any tablet and smartphone in the house.

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Ross Henderson

I was thinking about it, and I wasn't entirely sure. I think I'd need to get everything set up and use it before I could really make an informed decision.

A customisable dashboard, just like your HomeGenie does look incredibly useful if you had a lot to control and multiple ways to control it just as you suggested. But I would have to figure out how I'd use it though.

I will be keeping an eye on your work though!