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An introduction to Developer Relations with Phil Legetter (Head of Developer Relations at PostHog)

The demand for Developer Relations candidates has never been greater. Yet, employers are struggling to fill this unique role. In this episode, Phil Legetter (Head of Developer Relations at PostHog), teaches you what Developer Relation is, the versatile roles within Developer Relations, and what experience you need to succeed. As an experienced Hiring Manager himsself, Phil also shares his experience hiring from the inside out.


  • Introduction (00:00)
  • What Developer Relations is (02:30)
  • Can introverts work in Developer Relations? (10:23)
  • How much and what kind of experience do you need? (13:12)
  • Phil cares less about your education and more about your public contributions - very encouraging for self-taught developers (15:10)
  • What did the Developer Relations hiring process look like at an enterprise company? (16:35)
  • How long does Phil spend reviewing each resume? (18:21)
  • Does LinkedIn easy apply ever work? (20:57)
  • How do companies decide on the X in "X years of experience required"  (21:20)
  • Tell us about a memorable candidate (25:08)


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